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About Me

Nothing great you can find on this site, its just a personal profile website. This site will provide you all my contact details to reach me, some information about me, couple of pictures. You may also find some technical articles written by me, and may help you to know ongoing things in todays world.


My Many Names

Full Name: Dhruwal Patel

People call me with many names. 🙂

dhruwal (my original name as per birth certificate),
dhruval (with ‘v’ instead of ‘w’, the actual pronounciation of my name),
dhruv (my real nick name),
drew (when i am in US, this is my name),
dhru (some people call me with this name as well)


Ways To Reach Me

Email: There are many of my email id’s which i use to communicate with everyone.
You can email me at any or all of my email id’s.

1. dhruwal@gmail.com
2. dhruwal@live.com

India Phone: +91 98920 21057
USA Phone: +1 407 459 4102


Thats Me

Dhruwal Patel

Dhruwal Patel